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Bank concept
March 2017
Banking application

We decided to fantasize a little on the topic of a banking application. The main task is to facilitate daily operations, to help efficiently manage user’s finances, while speaking the user’s language, not the bank’s one.

I. Home page

The home page shows advices, formulated in a colloquial way, general financial position and reminders, for example, those saying that your credit card interest-free period expires in 3 days or your investment income increased by 25%.

II. Advices, events

Each advice is supplemented by a calendar, schedule or other interactive element and contains recommendations. In the Event section the total sum of expenses for a day, week, and month is beaten up. Operations performed in the application are highlighted with colour — they can be repeated.



III. Finance

In the Finance section, there are five groups: cards, accruals, savings, investments and debts. Accruals include deposits and accounts, i.e. passive income from interest. Savings are money for specific purposes. Investments are securities, i.e. active earnings. Debts are loans and credits from a bank, friends and acquaintances.



IV. Payments, favorites

For payments in the Favorites section the amount to be paid is calculated automatically. You can simply scroll the desired amount or enter it manually. On the success screen, you have the option of subscribing to account notifications. A new account will be displayed in the user’s profile.



V. Profile

In the Profile section, messages from chat-bots and other users are collected in the feed.



Anastasiya Kritskaya, Eugene Borovik
Natalya Borovik
March 2017
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