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Corporate identity
for Dolce Shum
September 2017
Logo, elements of style,
printed materials
Dolce Shum is a young Russian manufacturer of everyday children’s clothes. The brand’s gimmick is children’s illustrations applied to the clothes. Real children’s drawings are embroidered on all outfits, jackets and overalls. Like that, space aliens, pandas and dinosaurs from the shelf receive a second life.


As an emblem, we came up with a simple and memorable image — a wizard who lives in a wardrobe:

Logo Dolce Shum


Apart from the elements of style, we set the direction for banner graphics, stickers, telegram sticker pack:

Download sticker pack for Telegram

Sateen labels

Few people pay attention to such technical information as inside labels. We made up labels neatly, largely printed size data, and deciphered drying and washing icons that nobody understands with a text:

Art director and designer
Dmitry Borovik
Eugene Borovik
September 2017
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