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Online store Esiga
November 2013
Logo, corporate look, advertisements,
printed materials, guidebook
and online store of e-cigarettes retailer.
‘Esiga’ Company is the largest e-cigarettes and e-liquids retailer in Belarus that was among the first who started selling e-cigarettes in Belarus.

We have made a full rebranding of the company, recreated the logo, created a corporate look, designed dozens of advertising materials, developed a website and designed shops.

I. Logo

The logo looks like a push button with internal light:

II. Printed materials

We have designed the whole set of corporate printed materials — business cards, forms, envelope and souvenirs:

A1-sized poster of e-liquids can be found at company shops:

Price tags have a colour frame for the price tag holder and a printed insert:


We have also designed three types of loyalty cards:

Gold card with an embossed owner’s name:




III. Brandbook

The devised design standards are meant to help company in-house designers and ESIGA franchisees to prepare corporate materials, create advertisement and design shops in single corporate style:



IV. Outdoor Adverts

Eye-catching and at the same time non-intrusive ads can be found at the facade of ‘Aleksandrov Passage’ shopping mall in Minsk:

Promo posters can be found all over the city:

V. Online Shop

The main page contains information sections for both starters and devotees:

The product page shows availability of goods at brick-and-mortar shops in addition to online order option:

Internal pages:

We have been cooperating with the company since 2013.

Dmitry Borovik
Designer, manager
Evgeny Borovik
Backend developer
Alexander Kulikov
Frontend developer
Ekaterina Zatalochnaya
November 2013
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