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GetFit fitness
application design
November 2017
GetFit fitness
application design
The application selects and composes personal programs for home fitness classes

Simple registration

The application synchronizes data from social networks, so when registering you only need to specify your gender and enter your height and weight. The collected data will help in the preparation of your training program.


Smart selection of a personal program

To create a personal training program, the user determines their physical characteristics and chooses the purpose of training.

Friendly training process

We designed a user-friendly training interface that does not “punish” the user for skipping exercises. If you missed a day, it’s OK, let’s go ahead, if you missed an exercise in the daily program, just finish the training. The program will adjust itself to the user’s behavior: it will carefully adjust the composition of the daily exercises or suggest changing the program in case of systematic skips.


The application will delicately remind you of the training and, if desired, synchronize with the Apple calendar.

Visible progress

The user makes selfies and introduces their current parameters. In the training process, you can view previous photos and see your progress.

Art director
Eugene Borovik
Anastasiya Borávik
November 2017
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