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Mobile Application
January 2018
Mobile iOS app layouts
The program selects and composes personal exercises for home yoga.

iHealth applications series

After the development of the GetFit design, the customer returned with the task of designing and drawing a complete series of iHealth applications: yoga was chosen as the next direction. We used successful mechanics of registration and training process from GetFit, preserving the continuity in the design and usability elements.

Smart personal program selection

To create a personal training program, a person shall indicate their training level, height, weight and training purpose. Then GetYoga will offer the best set of exercises.

Friendly training process

When you are in an asana (static position), it is inconvenient to follow the time remaining until the end of the exercise. We proposed a delicate system of sound signals and pauses: it is more convenient to switch from one position to another by ear.

The interface does not “punish” the user for skipping practices. If you missed a day, it’s OK, go on; if you missed an exercise in the daily program, just finish the training. The program will adjust to the user’s behavior: it will coordinate the composition of daily exercises or suggest changing the program in case of systematic breaks.


The application reminds you about the training and, if you want, will synchronize with the Apple calendar.


We have drawn more than fifty layouts, animations, graphics, selected and processed photos, and prepared a mini-guide for developers.


Art-director and designer
Eugene Borovik
Nastya Boravik
January 2018
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