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Printed materials
for the Avignon Restaurant
of Europe Hotel
March 2015
Advertising and printed materials
for the Avignon Restaurant of Europe Hotel.
The well-known five-star hotel ‘Europe’ was constructed in late 19th century in the very heart of Minsk. In those days the building stood out with its large size and rich decor.


In 2007 the hotel was restored and renovated to become an up-to-date hotel complex.

Our task was to design the restaurant menu, posters and prepare templates for future printed materials.

I. Breakfast Menu

We have designed the stand for breakfast menu that goes in line with the style of the hotel:

II. Design of Promo Posters

The bright promo poster is to advertise specialty dishes by the chef.


There is a new set every month.

III. Recommendations for Designers

We have devised templates that other designers can use when creating the posters:






Dmitry Borovik
Eugene Borovik
March 2015
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