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Copywriting agency In Text We Trust
September 2012
Logo, corporate look, website
prototypes for a copywriting agency.
The agency offers copywriting services for websites and shops, creates slogans and headings, prepares and edits articles for publication. The agency can masterly write about anything in the world from selling paper clips to moon crawlers rental.

I. Logo and corporate look

We have created the name, corporate look and designed printed materials. The name is a play on words on a well-known motto ‘In God We Trust’ and the logo is based on the image that appears on American coins.

The style of the copywriter’s business set is more subtle and business-like:

II. Website

Multi-storey main page resembling a periodical outlines the guiding principles of the agency in an entertaining manner:

A typical page in various styles of content design:


Dmitry Borovik
Frontend developer
Alexander Averyanov
September 2012
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