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Mobile design


November 2018
Mobile application layouts
The program broadcasts meditation classes with professional coaches in real time.

Analytics and prototyping

The client asked the studio to engineer and design the application in a short time.

We started designing from scratch: developed the navigation, thought out how the schedule would be arranged, what to bring to the foreground, and what to hide in the tabs. We fully thought out the user interaction with the application — from authorization and personal account to minor notifications.


After minor adjustments and approval of the prototype with the client, we began the finish drawing — a total of 60 layouts, taking into account small states, intermediate and dialog screens.

Classes feed

The screen adapts to the user: in addition to the nearest classes, the system selects similar classes based on the level of training and favorite meditation techniques.

Class card

A large title, class time and date, and thematic tags are at the top. Then go a piece of information about the teacher, a short description of the class and similar trainings. The “Join” button is fixed at the bottom of the screen.

Since there can be dozens of classes per day, and there is no possibility to provide each one of them with photos, we decided to randomly assign colors to cards so the feed does not look boring and monotonous.


We designed a short user authorization process via mail:


A teacher rating system is a feature of the application. At the end of a broadcast, students rate the coach, raising or lowering them on the list.


The account stores a brief statistics on the classes: the number of hours spent, upcoming and past classes. Users can brag about their numbers to their friends in social networks.

In the settings users indicate their level of training and meditation techniques of interest.

Dmitry Borovik
Designer, manager
Eugene Borovik
November 2018
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