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Pavlin Travel travel agency
February 2014
Development of cruise
section for the travel agency.
‘Pavlin Travel’ agency has been operating on the Russian market since 2005. The company sells mountain skiing and sightseeing trips, sea cruises by ocean liners and yachts, recreation and resort tours.

Our task was to redesign the core part of the website — to draft and construct the templates for the sea cruises section:

I. Drafting

We started with the construction of the whole section and prototype assembly. Creating a compact and user friendly section for tour selection. Parameters which are of secondary importance are hidden behind ‘Advanced search’ link:

You can only choose the region and the date and the search results are renewed:

Cruise page:

II. Design

Adding colour, icons and graphics:

All information is on the cruise page:

The most important information is on the top

To make the choice of a cruise easier we have advanced the most important criteria towards the top of the page:

Informative and compact frames

All essential information about the tour is presented in a compact frame:

Internal pages:

Dmitry Borovik
Frontend developer
Alexander Kulikov
February 2014
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