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Vitawin franchise
promo site
August 2017
Design and development
Vitawin is the largest sport nutrition sales network in Russia. It includes 60 stores throughout the country.

Since 2017, the company is actively developing the franchising direction and helps entrepreneurs to open their stores under the brand name.

I. Engineering and design

We composed a long landing page from several consecutive floors. First, a brief introduction to the company in figures and facts. Then, detailed information about the franchise: what a businessman receives with the franchise package, what partnership options the company offers, how the process of opening the store goes. The page ends with a summary of the market development prospects and the order form.


Franchise Packages

Investment options for stores of different formats have been developed and depicted.


Adaptive design

The website adapts to any device and looks equally good on wide screens, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Cumbersome horizontal blocks can be easily scrolled to the side with your finger.

II. Front-end development

The website adapts to any devices without cutting and hiding content on mobile phones with a narrow screen.

Art Director
Dmitry Borovik
Anastasiya Borávik
Eugene Borovik
Alex Kulikov
Eugene Borovik
August 2017
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