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VTB Ice Palace
Mobile Application
March 2018
Design and development
of a mobile app
for iOS and Android
The Park of Legends is a new sports and entertainment quarter located on the site of the former ZIL plant in Moscow. Now it hosts the largest in Russia VTB Ice Palace complex comprising as many as three arenas under one roof, the first Russian hockey museum, a water sports complex, and a residential and a business blocks.

I. Engineering and design

Since the complex consists of several separate units, we decided to make the first screen and to put cross-referencing information, such as contacts, navigation in the arena and posters, to a pass-through bottom menu. We plan to develop the application in the future, so the first screen should easily withstand the addition of new units.

At the top in the main sections there are beautiful thematical monochrome photos. We do not bore viewers with long texts and put only short descriptions and advantages. For the most curious viewers we have attached PDF files:

The advantages of individual services of the ice arena are briefly and graphically described:

In the palace you can rent a playground for hockey or celebrate your child’s birthday:

The second and third floors of the Ice Palace are occupied by VIP loges. The photo gallery in the section helps to understand the service level, and the advantages are illustrated with easy icons:


In 2016, the first in Russia hockey museum was opened in the Park of Legends. The appropriate section will tell you what is shown there, how to get on the tour and how much it costs:

The screen dedicated to the rink contains a detailed schedule for today or for a month ahead. In the spring the page is easily transformed into the football stadium section:

Event newsfeed

Not only the arena hosts hockey matches, but national and foreign stars of world importance give concerts here, ice shows, boxing fights and even cybersport tournaments are being held here.

Important events are put at the top in a slider. Events for which the administrator has a poster picture at hand can be displayed in the newsfeed in special dark cards:

A long event newsfeed can be filtered by date or type (sports, guided tours, concerts, etc.):

For hockey matches, the administrator selects pre-readied emblems of the two clubs in the admin panel, marks the date and time of the match:

Uploaded images can be anything: horizontal, vertical, square. The application automatically cuts them to the same format, preserving the neat appearance of the card:

Navigation in the arena

The central Navigation section of the application helps you to find your sector, the restroom, the cloakroom or to discover what is there in the Ice Palace in general. We have drawn an interactive diagram for the large and the small arena — four floors for each.

It is important to consider the modest size of mobile screens: objects should be distinguishable, and signatures legible. We marked the types of objects with colors: blue for the stands, brown for the cafes, ice cream and cocktail salespoints, red for souvenir and other shops.

The escalator, staircases and elevators have not been made pseudo-volumetric accidentally: they act as landmarks for the visitors.

Icons are easy to read in both large and small formats.  


When choosing places for a match, it is always good to know what the view on the field will be. In our application, you can “fly around” the site a full 360:


For difficult moments and specific itineraries that are hard to depict on the diagram, we have made the Tips section:


How to get there

In the contacts section there are telephones, addresses with the possibility to map a route, travel directions for cars and pedestrians, and a parking scheme.

Travel directions

The travel directions contain only important things: roads, transport stops, landmarks (railway, Subaru center at the turn to the arena). The main buildings are painted in a light, and the secondary ones in a dark colour.

Parking scheme

As a matter of fact, the meaning of our parking schemes is to show the location of payment terminals and passageways to the arena. We omitted all the unnecessary information, and left only entrances, exits, passages, and terminals marked with large signs.

II. Mobile and back development

Before starting the development, we described the functionality of the application in a 60-page technical specification. Using the Laravel framework, we wrote a handy individual administrator panel; for the mobile part, Java and Swift languages have been used. The whole technological part — writing code and technical specification — took about 800 hours.

Dmitry Borovik
Eugene Borovik
Mobile developers
Vladas Zakrevskis
Yury Shamruk
Sergey Mileev
Irina Krakovetskaya
Victor Gorinov
Project management
Eugene Borovik
Natalia Maltseva (Sportconcept LLC)
March 2018
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