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YoVape branding
November 2017
Visual identity, printed and
exhibition materials for the vaping
liquids manufacturer
YoVape is a young brand of vaping liquids with great ambitions. The brand can be found on the shelves of vape shops in 150 cities of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

The customer asked to come up with a concise and modern sign that would withstand the use on a large variety of media. First of all, the logo should be recognizable on the shelves of shops, as a number of series of vaping liquids is planned to be released, backed by advertising and local positive feedback materials.


We decided to play around with the short and sonorous brand name, using a simple and powerful letter writing, and to make “Vape” a playful prefix, diluting sans serif characters.

The effect of the letter “O!” is strengthened by the outer black circle making the logo noticeable and straightforward, like the “Yo!” exclamation itself. The round shape draws attention and looks attractive among the competitors’ logos. The sign can be tilted at liberty and placed anywhere in the layout, as if it were a round sticker.

Brand elements

The peculiarity of the YoVape liquid is light and fresh flavors for every day, like a cool orange or watermelon with kiwi. The product is sold at an affordable price and does not pretend to be premium; we hinted at this with a bright, casually sloppy graphics.

The catchy chaotic elements seem to say: “I’m friendly, simple and inexpensive”. In addition, the black and white “spot” of the logo looks great on a splashy background.


The graphics and patterns form rectangles, like a construction set; this modularity balances the “freaky” graphics and can be easily placed on any medium, whether it’s a business card or a billboard.

Rectangular module

Photographic picture


Мы оформили подарочные купоны на две и четыре тысячи баллов. Чтобы получить заветный бонус, покупатель сканирует специальный QR-код через мобильное приложение.

Листовки формата А4

Оформление соцсетей

Strange creatures and bright defiant graphics attract attention and are not lost among the competitors’ designs:

The vending machine is neat:

Printed materials

We designed the minimum set necessary for the launch of the project: business cards, compact leaflets fitting in the palm, presentation brochures and cardboard showboxes.

Showbox design

To all online customers, as well as to potential partners, the company sends “test packs” for testing — sets of 12 different liquids, packed in small cardboard boxes.

If desired, the box is easily transformed into a showbox for vape shops and exhibitions — just tear off the perforated tab and turn up the top cover. We designed and helped to construct models of folding cardboard and static plastic showboxes.

Cardboard showbox
for 5 or 6 bottles

Transformer box for 12 bottles

Plastic showbox for 12 bottles

Since the bottles themselves are quite bright and splashy, we decided that the boxes should be black and white — they contrast beautifully against the bottles and do not divert attention from the product.

Карта вкусов

The brochure of half А4 format helps to become familiar with the composition of aromas. We decided not to write long graphomaniac descriptions of tastes, but introduced instead “taste tags” — the three closest flavors depicted in proportions:

The back page of the brochure is devoted to the main gimmick of the company, mobile bonus system.

Commercial offer

We wrote the texts, made up and finalized the presentation for sending to vape shops, online stores, distributors and all curious ones. The cheerful and promising mood of the young brand is reflected on each of the 20 pages: it’s easy and entertaining to read this presentation because it’s curious to know what’s on the next spread.


For the year, the design stood the test of three exhibitions in Moscow and Kiev. The products attracted the attention of several important partners, and the test sets have been literally snapped up for video reviews.

The packages we designed managed to get the 3rd place at Vapeshow Europe 2017 in the Czech Republic in the nomination “The Best Label Design”.

Art-director and designer
Dmitry Borovik
Manager and designer
Eugene Borovik
Ilya Masyukovich (YoVape)
Dmitry Nagval
Valery Nevmerzhitsky
November 2017
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