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We create logos, styles and templates for design of materials for companies, products and events

Create brand
Raise brand
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We work thoroughly

Logo and corporate identity are the basis on which all visual communication is built. We develop logos that convey the emotions and energy of the brand, look harmoniously on different media and do not become obsolete for a long time.

Creation and finalization of a logo, a manual for use
Developing corporate identity
Creating a brand book
Designing printed materials

Examples of work


Corporate identity development process

  1. Gathering information
    We communicate, ask questions, study the specifics of business. We establish the main formats of using the identity, define goals and tasks, study competitors, write an idea of ​​the character of the future identity.
    2—3 days
  2. Logo development
    When designing the logo’s graphic features, we take into account where and how it will be used. We prepare the main and monochrome versions.
    3—10 days
  3. Corporate identity concept
    We come up with graphic solutions for media branding and creating the company’s image.
    3—7 days
  4. Drawing graphics
    We prepare business cards, letterhead, envelope, draw up social networks and other media. We draw the final graphics.
    3—7 days
  5. Preparing a guide for the use of corporate identity
    We prepare a guide for other designers and agencies with a description of the rules for using the logo and brand elements to preserve the integrity of the style.
    3—5 days
We work transparently
At the end of each week, we prepare a report on the interim results and keep you updated on all that is happening.
We comply with the terms and agreements
We know how important it is to get results on time. If something goes wrong, we do not delay, but honestly warn and solve the problem.
Eight years of experience
During this time, we have learned to give maximum benefit within the budget and time frames. However, sometimes the problem does not have a solution, but this is a rare thing.
We rationalize our decisions
We make each decision useful and meaningful, explain, and defend hypotheses.

Drop us a line

We are open to communication, we advise free of charge, we help to look for solutions. It's very easy to start: you do not need any special training - describe the problem in your own words or tell about your plans.

On working days we usually respond within a day.

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UX & UI design
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Web and app development
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Hire a design team
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