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UX & UI design

We design from scratch or gradually improve the existing systems — we conduct analytics, find weaknesses, develop, test and accompany during the implementation

Plan the interaction
Prepare drafts and layout
Adapt to different devices

We make interfaces for people

We develop convenient and understandable interfaces for any systems with which a person interacts. We try to find the user’s shortest path to the goal without workload on vision and memory or to solve the task without interface at all. We do not separate the UX (interaction experience) from the UI (the appearance of the interface elements); as a result, the client gets the final appearance of displays ready for implementation, not “semi-finished”.

Projects we work on


Corporate and promotional websites, landings
Online shops
Web services and
online mass media
Mobile applications
Internal IT systems
Corporate portals
and intranets
Self-service machines
Internet banks and personal accounts

We know the intricacies of production

We design taking into account technical and business constraints. We try to find an elegant solution without increasing the amount of programmers’ work.

We quickly launch a strong product and gradually add its features

The earlier the project is launched, the easier it is to test the hypotheses and plan the development in the field. We try to postpone all secondary functions to subsequent iterations in order to launch the first ready version as soon as possible.

We take into account future development and changes

New functions and features are often added to the product, companies change priorities and tasks. The product must withstand the “real life” test. When designing, a margin of safety is created for such changes.

We know how to communicate and solve problems

Each client is assigned a competent and pleasant manager, whom you can call or write at any time. You can find out how the project is advancing, what exactly we are working on, and also consult on any matters related to the website, design or corporate identity.
Our professionals participated in the projects by the largest Eastern European companies like Gazprom, Yandex, Mary Kay, Otkrytiye Bank, Ikea and Moscow Subway.
We work transparently
At the end of each week, we prepare a report on the interim results and keep you updated on all that is happening.
We comply with the terms and agreements
We know how important it is to get results on time. If something goes wrong, we do not delay, but honestly warn and solve the problem.
Eight years of experience
During this time, we have learned to give maximum benefit within the budget and time frames. However, sometimes the problem does not have a solution, but this is a rare thing.
We rationalize our decisions
We make each decision useful and meaningful, explain, and defend hypotheses.

Interface development process

  1. Information gathering, analytics, design
    We communicate, ask questions, study the main indicators, determine goals and objectives, then we build hypotheses about the scenarios of user interaction with the product, draw up a scheme of the project, estimate the time frame and cost of works.
    2—4 days
  2. Draft clickable prototype
    Based on the analytics, we assemble a schematic clickable prototype to test our hypotheses in real interaction environment.
    3—5 days
  3. Testing
    We conduct a “corridor testing” on colleagues who are not participating in the project. Also, we test on users who are not connected with interface development. If necessary, we involve companies specializing in testing. then we write a report on the results.
    2—5 days
  4. Correction of the prototype
    and preparation of design layouts
    We adjust the interface and test again, if required. Then we draw the appearance of the elements, screen forms and states. We assemble final layouts and prepare animations.
    5—10 days
  5. Writing a specification
    and a manual for developers
    We write manuals, prepare interface elements in all states and transfer layouts to developers.
    2—5 days
  6. Designer supervision and prompt
    assistance during development
    We make urgent edits and review the intermediate results to ensure their identity with the layouts.
    Until the end of development

Drop us a line

We are open to communication, we advise free of charge, we help to look for solutions. It's very easy to start: you do not need any special training - describe the problem in your own words or tell about your plans.

On working days we usually respond within a day.

UX & UI design
UX & UI design
Web and app development
Web and app development
Hire a design team
Hire a design team
Support of websites and applications
Support of websites
and applications
Graphic design
Graphic design
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