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Web and app development

We will plan the project, prepare a realistic calculation of deadlines, design, develop, fill and train.

Tell about
the product
Sell a product
or service

We solve all development issues

We specialize in full-fledged mobile and web development with elaborate design and a strong visual component. Also, we connect to work at any stage — engineering, design or programming. We can help to “pull out” projects that have been stuck in time, and we can support the existing ones.

Corporate and promotional websites, landings
Online shops
Web services and portals
Mobile applications
Quick website creation in Readymag builder
Redesign and moving to a new platform
Adapting sites for mobile devices
Project support and development
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We are attentive
to the specificities of the task

We study the client’s market, try to communicate with the sales department, collect advantages and differences from competitors. The received data are used in the presentation of information to emphasize the strengths.

We quickly launch a strong product and gradually increase its functionality

The earlier the project is launched, the easier it is to test the hypotheses and plan the development in the field. We try to postpone all secondary functions to subsequent iterations in order to launch the first ready version as soon as possible.

We take into account project future development and changes

Web is a mobile environment: new functions and sections are added to the product, companies change priorities and tasks. The product must withstand the “real life” test. When designing, a margin of safety is created for such changes.

We know how to communicate and solve problems

Each client is assigned a competent and pleasant manager, whom you can call or write at any time. You can find out how the project is advancing, what exactly we are working on, and also consult on any matters related to the website, design or corporate identity.
Our professionals participated in the projects by the largest Eastern European companies like Gazprom, Yandex, Mary Kay, Otkrytiye Bank, Ikea and Moscow Subway.
We work transparently
At the end of each week, we prepare a report on the interim results and keep you updated on all that is happening.
We comply with the terms and agreements
We know how important it is to get results on time. If something goes wrong, we do not delay, but honestly warn and solve the problem.
Eight years of experience
During this time, we have learned to give maximum benefit within the budget and time frames. However, sometimes the problem does not have a solution, but this is a rare thing.
We rationalize our decisions
We make each decision useful and meaningful, explain, and defend hypotheses.

Development process

  1. Information gathering, strategy, design
    We communicate, ask questions, study the main indicators, determine goals and objectives, build hypotheses about the scenarios of user interaction with the product, write a strategy, and assemble a clickable prototype.
    5—10 days
  2. Design development
    We study the corporate identity, develop a graphic concept in accordance with the general style of the company, draw icons, illustrations and technical graphics. Then we prepare the layouts for setting.
    10—15 days
  3. Front-end development
    We start the layout setting at the design development stage. We write a neat code, introduce scripts with animation, and prepare adaptability for mobile devices.
    5—15 days
  4. Back-end development
    For corporate websites and stores we use MODx, and for large websites and services with non-standard functionality we use Laravel. We test the load and carefully approach the administrator part.
    10—20 days
  5. Filling with content and testing
    We write and edit texts, prepare photos and all the necessary graphics. We test, make urgent corrections and open the website.
    5—7 days

We work within the budget and do not stretch the terms

We select solutions without “pumping money”
Before starting, we establish the budget and do not revise it until the project is launched. Together with the client we prepare, discuss and adjust the requirements for the product.
We know how to start with an economical budget
Sometimes the correct solution is a neat unsophisticated website that is launched in a couple of weeks. In this case, it is better to focus on the content and to gradually increase functionality.
We advance by short ready iterations.
We use the iterative approach: first we start the main thing, and then refine the secondary ones (news, personal account, favorites, etc.), breaking the project into small steps.

Drop us a line

We are open to communication, we advise free of charge, we help to look for solutions. It's very easy to start: you do not need any special training - describe the problem in your own words or tell about your plans.

On working days we usually respond within a day.

UX & UI design
UX & UI design
Web and app development
Web and app development
Hire a design team
Hire a design team
Support of websites and applications
Support of websites
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Graphic design
Graphic design
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