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Support of websites
and applications

We support corporate websites, online stores,
mobile applications, web services

Launch new sections
Add functions
Refresh the website

We take care of all matters
concerning the web

Live projects require constant attention and care. Large and developed websites often become such as a result of constant painstaking work. Half of the studio’s working time is taken by the support of existing projects: we make analytics, develop and launch new sections, draw pictures, make urgent adjustments or festive decorations, provide uninterrupted functioning, adapt products for new business tasks.

Development of new
pages and sections
Redesign and design
Adapting websites
for mobile devices
Landing pages
Forms, calculators,
Banners, teasers,
icons, illustrations
Texts, preparation
of images and photos

Plan monthly, result weekly


  • 1 week
  • Meeting in person or via Skype, work planning for a month

  • 2 week
  • First week’s work result, detailing the composition of works for the second week
  • 3 week
    • Second week’s work result, detailing the composition of works for the third week
  • 4 week
    • Third week’s work result, detailing the composition of works for the final week
  • End of the reporting month
  • Final results, next month’s work planning
Our professionals participated in the projects by the largest Eastern European companies like Gazprom, Yandex, Mary Kay, Otkrytiye Bank, Ikea and Moscow Subway.

We dip into a project and
work on it as if it was our own

We thoroughly study the subject area, analyze the indicators using statistical systems, pay attention to weaknesses and offer ideas for development. We keep everything in strict confidence.

Cheaper than increasing
your staff of experts
There is no need to organize workplaces for us, pay our wages and arrange a social package. You get a team for rent for any period without a monthly fee.
We stay in touch
6 days a week
In the studio, we have a five-day working week, but our managers work 6 days a week, if an idea or project need to be discussed with the client on a Saturday in a calm atmosphere.
Elaborated work processes

We deliver the work on time, we do not disappear and keep you updated on what is happening. We work according to Scrum system — short iterations with a weekly result delivery.

Discounts on the hourly cost of work
We give our regular customers discounts on the hourly cost of work subject to a certain amount of work. Periodically, we improve something as a gift, without payment.
One contract —
minimum paperwork
We have implemented a simplified document flow that allows us to proceed to work within several days.
We keep trade secrets
and sign NDA
We do not discuss information about our clients and projects with third parties — this is our principle. If necessary, we formalize this principle in a document


Drop us a line

We are open to communication, we advise free of charge, we help to look for solutions. It's very easy to start: you do not need any special training - describe the problem in your own words or tell about your plans.

On working days we usually respond within a day.

UX & UI design
UX & UI design
Web and app development
Web and app development
Hire a design team
Hire a design team
Support of websites and applications
Support of websites
and applications
Graphic design
Graphic design
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